Task Management Software – The Difference between Average and Successful People
June 6th , 2018

Task management can be a challenge; it is essential to cultivate effective task management tools. Fortunately, there are a variety of software tools and management tips that can help individuals or project management teams.
It’s time for better Timesheet Management
April 17th , 2018

If there is one word in project management that kicks up a range of emotions by different professionals, it has to be “Timesheets!”
Get over the mirage of Project Management Software Integration
April 12th , 2018

In my interactions with professionals at various project management conferences and seminars, there are a host of topics are discussed. Most of the discussions culminate with one crucial question.Which project management software do you or your organization use?
The Panacea for Pharmaceutical Project Management
April 10th , 2018

Drugs save lives. When gone wrong, wrong drugs kill beings. Scary, isn’t it? Getting a drug into the market is an arduous process with no guaranteed success.
Finally, One Project Management Software to Manage Diverse Projects!
April 6th , 2018

People diversity. Cultural diversity. Business diversity. The list could go on. For the moment, I am interested in business diversity. Different businesses operate differently while the ultimate motto does not change much – add value and thereby optimize revenue, growth, and profitability.