An enterprise software product company.

Our History

ProductDossier was started in 2006 by a group of extremely passionate professionals from global corporate background.

The four co-founders realized very early that businesses across the world were transforming towards the ‘projectized’ way. Powered by this foresight, the founders envisioned that companies needed software solutions that were holistic and not restricted to traditional dimensions of scope, schedule, and cost.

Over the years, ProductDossier has received a tremendous positive customer validation to the value it delivers – leading to the adoption of its solutions in thirty-plus countries across geographies.

ProductDossier continually invests in the latest advancements in technology and software.

Our Vision

To build digital culture for the project-based organizations, which results in sustainable value creation and helps in accomplishing overall business excellence for the customer.

Our Mission

To become the most competent and trustworthy organization to help customers execute their projects with improved metrics across financials, resources, delivery & their customer satisfaction.

Our Purpose

To be successful in this project economy, organizations must consider a cultural shift to manage their projects and programs.

At the foundation, companies must develop a set of project management related norms, values, and behaviours. Enterprises must then build a robust project management structure that includes systems, methodologies, processes, templates, & checklists.

We at ProductDossier are on a mission to build a project management culture for your enterprise.

Performance built on our Core Values

Our experience of working with clients, partners, and vendors offered us an important insight – success is never unidimensional!

Long term success is a result of technical excellence and a right attitude. The ProductDossier Core Values represent this unique combination, that we refer to as the “Power of 2”. For example, aspiring for high quality should be matched with swiftness; intellectual superiority must be coupled with personal humility and so on. The Power of 2 is always a ‘synthesis’, not a trade-off.

Each of the twelve core value-pairs has been chosen very thoughtfully by our teams. We train and retrain ourselves to be inspired by these core values, and guided in all our engagements.

Practising the Power of 2 has transformed our delivery from business value to exponential business value – for all our stakeholders.