The Power of Partnership

We are living in an interdependent world. The business ecosystem is made up of different players that bring unique skills and competencies.

Our Partners are one such set of stakeholders that deliver value to us and to you, our customers!

Partner Program

Currently, we have two types of Partners: Channel Partners and Referral Partners. Feel free to explore the TouchBase Partner Network.

If it excites you, go ahead and share your details.

We would be eager to start a conversation!

Channel Partners

Channel Partners would engage in reselling TouchBase as per agreed geographies and offer services. There are three tiers within Channel Partners having differences in terms of their responsibilities, business targets, and commissions.


Identity Partners


Supreme Partners


Ultimate Partners

Referral Partners

Referral Partners are involved only in ‘opportunity’ identification. Identified opportunities are shared with ProductDossier, that takes the engagement forward with the prospective customer.

Become a ProductDossier Partner