Together we can and
We will win over Covid-19

With COVID-19, there are no guarantees, but there are precautions we can take. Below are the few steps we are following at ProductDossier, to keep business continuity.

Responding to COVID-19 together

Remote Working

In this current Covid-19 pandemic situation, every organization is facing challenges while working remotely. It becomes difficult for Project Managers to manage the project as well as remote teams and have transparency over every aspect of the project. We at ProductDossier, are helping more than 80k+ teams across 36 countries to keep their businesses up and running via collaborating online on a single platform and increase remote team communication. We ensure business continuity and help you manage your projects as well as remote resources effectively. So that they stay safe and stay productive while working from home.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team is available 24/7 to support our clients. Highly proactive support options include technical issues, integrations, product or solution training, solution health checks, migration planning, reports integrations, and webinars. With our technical support, enhance your business growth, increase efficiency, and embrace new project management solutions with confidence.

Business Continuity

TouchBase is designed as a comprehensive and integrated project management solution with associated business functions also embedded or being able to integrate with existing systems. It helps businesses to deliver projects or services successfully while retaining 100% satisfaction for the clients. Our unified project management system ensures you and your business operations and function to work smoothly without any risk and failure.