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Professional Services

The Opportunity to Cash Process: Key to Success for Professional Services Organization

Key to Success for Professional Services Organization: Imagine this. A professional services company (engineering services,...

March 1, 2021
Project Management Tools

How do Project Management Tools Work Together?

Project Management Tools: An integrated project management solution ensures that all processes are managed through...

February 22, 2021
Project Finance Management

Tips for Improving Project Finance Management

Project Finance Management Project finance management is a critical aspect of effective project management, as...

New Product Development software

Role of New Product Development software in Innovation – Part 2

New Product Development Software This blog is part two of a two-part blog. Part One:...

February 15, 2021
Collaborative Work Management

Collaborative Work Management

One of the hallmarks of consistently great organizations is the ability of employees to collaborate...

February 9, 2021
New Product Development software

Role of New Product Development software in Innovation – Part 1

Role of New Product Development Software In this two-part blog, we shall explore: Dimensions of...

February 8, 2021
project success

Project Success Criteria

There cannot be a project without its success criteria. However, when we observe discussions on...

February 2, 2021
Enterprise Collaboration Tool

Why an Enterprise Collaboration Tool is a Necessity in 2021?

The need for enterprise collaboration as well as an online collaboration tool has never been...

February 1, 2021
Project Task Management

Why choose TouchBase as Project Task Management Software?

Projects deliver products or services. Products and services are further broken down to deliverables that...

January 25, 2021
Business Process Modelling

Importance of Business Process Modelling Tools

Business Process Modelling Tools: Before talking about the tool let us address some foundational aspects:...

January 21, 2021
Program Management Software

Why Program Management Software Is So Important!

Program Management Software: Organizations execute strategies through a combination of programs and projects. To set...

January 18, 2021
Proposal Management Software

Proposal Management Software – Secret of Success

Proposal Management Software A successful proposal is the one that gets the money! How to write a good...

January 13, 2021