Transmittal Management

Transmittal management software modules is further extension of document management system. Transmittal are the way to share documents/drawings with customers, vendors or even with the internal departments like manufacturing etc. Transmittal consists of a cover page, one of more document attachments. TouchBase allows to create internal or external transmittal and share it with internal or external recipients.

Transmittal Management

TouchBase-Transmittal Management Salient Features

Allows organisations to configure the transmittal form as per their needs. The form will have details such as dates, status, description, list of documents/reports/etc. and a workflow to track the transmittal.

Collection of drawing, documents and other associated files can be linked to the transmittal. These documents can be selected from the project document repository.

The transmittal along with the associated documents and drawings can be electronically shared with the concerned internal department or the customer. It can go as an attachment through an email.

The transmittal are classified as internal, which are meant for organisation’s internal recipients only and external transmittal, which are meant for external recipients such as customers, vendors etc.

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