Test Management

TouchBase- Test Management provides the capabilities to build test cases according to product requirements and specifications. The test cases are designed in stages and are also associated with priorities. Test plans can be made consisting of test cases and capturing documentation and workflows. This module is further integrated with Project Management and other functionalities.

Test Management

TouchBase-Test Management Salient Features

Enables defining test cases capturing title, description, and other details.

Provides the facility of creating hierarchical test plans.

Provision of defining test steps in such a way that the each step would have a specific input and an expected output.

Enables you to define test plans capturing details such as documents, process, test cases, etc.

Facilitates the arrangement of running the selected tests in multiple test cycles.

Ability to assign test cases to a test plan.

Results for the test cases can be recorded.These results can be further used for comparisons, changes, etc.

The Test Management Module is integrated with the Defect Management module in TouchBase to manage defects generated during testing.

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