Technical Review Management

TouchBase-Technical Review is a module for managing the technical reviews of deliverable. Checklists are digitised and iterative review process is automated through multiple cycles. Multiple checklists can also be created for different verticals. The process is such that each deliverable has to go through a self-review using the checklist and then it is reviewed by a reviewer. The categorised list of defects during this process are generated along with the reason of defect

Technical Review Management

TouchBase-Technical Review Management Salient Features

Allows you to create checklist master for creating checklists across different areas such as analysis, design, etc. Each checklist will have number of checkpoints and will be mapped to a defect opportunity.

Configurable process workflow can be designed to capture the review lifecycle.

High level defect areas such as missing technical content, wrong inputs, etc. can be categorised using defect opportunities.

External Defects

Review process can be iterative and can happen in multiple cycles, each cycle capturing the defect count as per defined checklist.

Different reports and dashboards can be configured to show information related to various aspects of the technical review to aid decision making.

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