Skills & Competency Management

This software module allows skills & competency level of each skill to be mapped for each user. Firstly different skills categories can be defined like Domain, Program Language, CAD Tools, Soft Skills etc. Then list of skills for each category is defined. Anf finally the applicable skills for each user is selected and current comptency level is set. Users can further keep updating their skills and competency levels and this the skills inventory of the organization is kept up to date. There are other facilities like resume builder, search users based on skills & competency are some of the other features.

Skills & Competency Management

TouchBase-Skills & Competency Management Salient Features

Ability to define different types of skills such as functional, domain, etc.

Competency level can be defined for each skill type.

During employee addition different skills can be captured.

Provision to update skills periodically.

Skills can be updated using a configurable approval workflow.

Print Resume

Resources can be searched based on skills and competency.

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