Sales Forecast Management

TouchBase Sales Forecast Management allows you to build sales forecast for your organisation. The software helps you to define sales organisation like Territories, region, City etc. A revenue forecast can then done. The forecast can further be divided among different sales people as their target quota. The forecast data is then released and any further changes in it are incorporated using change management process.

Sales Forecast Management

TouchBase-Sales Forecast Management Salient Features

Helps you to define sales organisation in terms of territories, regions, etc. and sales resources assigned to specific regions.

Allows you to conduct sales target planning across regions and then drill-down and assign these targets to individual sales resources.

Allows you to track your forecasted and actual sales numbers against planned sales.

Different dashboards such as yearly sales, YTD sales, enquiry funnel, lead conversion, etc., can be configured related to various aspects of sales forecasting and planning to aid decision making.

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