Risk Management

TouchBase Risk Management helps manage the risk registers at the project level, department level or even at the organization level. Risks can be added to the risk register from the enterprise risk templates. Once added to the risk register, the risks are further assessed and assigned respective severity & probability. A mitigation plan can be created and action items can be assigned to different team members. This software module is integrated with other modules like Project Management, Meeting Management & others.

Risk Management

TouchBase-Risk Management Salient Features

Allows you to capture different types of risks across different departments.

Assessment exercise can be scheduled to find the risk score and other details. Alerts can be set up for next assessment exercise.

Risks can be quantified based on severity and probability.

Each risk can have a score or risk priority number (RPN) based on qualification.

Mitigation plan can be devised for individual risks.

Action item or task can be assigned to an individual for each risk item.

Meetings management module integrated with MS Outlook allowing to digitise project meetings and track MOMs and action items

The communication protocol can be setup using available configurations. Auto generated alerts, reminders, and escalations are sent to relevant stakeholders.

Different reports and dashboards can be configured to get realtime progress and other information. These dashboards be graphical and have the ability to drilldown.

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