Knowledge Management

TouchBase Knowledge Management enables organisation to drive knowledge management initiatives. Users can create knowledge assets using pre-defined asset templates. The assets are reviewed and approved using knowledge approval workflows. Once approved, the knowledge asset is published across the organisation. Knowledge can be searched or subscribed to by the users. There are advance features such as confidential knowledge, permissions, read only assets & others.

Knowledge Management

TouchBase-Knowledge Management Salient Features

Maintains set of documents that are collated from many sources and structured using taxonomy, knowledge category, knowledge type, etc. in the most useful way for the reader. These documents are validated before adding to the asset and can be rated.

Manages tacit knowledge by converting it in to an explicit knowledge asset. While adding the knowledge, knowledge category, type, taxonomy can be selected and a document can be attached. Added knowledge can go through an approval process before becoming an asset.

The captured knowledge first goes through an assessment and approval process before getting added to the knowledge repository.

Maintains a knowledge rating scale wherein users and reviewers can provide a numerical rating for each knowledge which is being added.

Access to knowledge assets can be controlled at group level, role level, or individual level. If access to specific knowledge asset is required it can always be requested.

Various knowledge documents can be converted to PDF format which is a universally compatible file format.

It allows organisations to flag the required knowledge assets as confidential and restrict their access to unauthorised users.

The communication protocol can be setup using available configurations. Auto generated alerts, reminders and escalations are sent to the team members and other stakeholders

Different reports and dashboards can be configured to get realtime progress and other information. These dashboards be graphical and have the ability to drilldown.

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