Inventory Management

TouchBase Inventory Management software module provides inventory features for all stockable items. The module is integrated with Procurement and Engineering Data Management. It provides inventory information at the enterprise and project level.

Inventory Management

TouchBase-Inventory Management Salient Features

Inventory items can be classified into different classes such as component, consumable, Finished Good, Raw Material, etc. These are configurable.

Maintains multiple repositories to choose from that takes care of all the stock able items at the organisation and the project level for easy searching of the same.

Inventory item cost is linked to the item cost defined in the item master of the Engineering Data Management module.

Keeps track of the flow of goods and services within the organisation or outside with the help of some distinctive particulars such as material, issued from, issued to, etc.

Keeps track of the min stock level by maintaining an inventory ageing report that captures various details such as reorder level, min inventory quantity, max inventory quantity, min procurement lead time, etc.

With efficient inventory management, inventory turnaround is faster, plus alerts and reminders help maintain the right inventory levels. All this improves the cash flow.

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