Internal Request Management

TouchBase Request Management software module automated the process of capturing internal requests, evaluating these based on projected ROI & other paramters & thus deciding on the project priority. It is further integrated to other modules like Project Management to provide an end to end solution for Request to COMPLETION process.

Internal Request Management

TouchBase-Internal Request Management Salient Features

Allows you to define your own request process using a configurable workflow to address different types of requests.

A template-based approach for creating a request form using a wizard.

Requests can be prioritized across different areas such as applications and sub-applications according to importance.

Tasks as part of the internal requests can be assigned to relevant people to work on and can be tracked.

The communication protocol can be setup using available configurations. Auto generated alerts, reminders and escalations are sent to the team members and other stakeholders.

Different reports and dashboards can be configured to get information about requests being executed in an organization. These dashboards can be graphical and can have the ability to drill-down.

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