Speciality Chemicals Company

Domain : Speciality Chemicals
Geography(ies) : India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh

Key Business Challenges

Ideas not captured accurately and efficiently.
Ad hoc and unstructured idea evaluation.
Excel-based project planning.
Experiment data captured offline on notebooks.
Unable to compare plans versus actuals (schedule, costs, materials).
Ineffective resource management.

TouchBase Solution

Modules Implemented

New Product Idea Evaluation Resource Management NPD Project Management Project Financials
Project Risks & Issues Project Meetings Lab Experiment Management Project Documentation

Systems Integration

SAP (Finished Goods BOM)

TouchBase Business Impact

Centralized idea repository along with structured business case evaluation.
Streamlined processes drive faster NPD and lowered R&D costs.
Single source of projects truth removed data duplication issues.
Digitized experiment data facilitates knowledge management.
Accurate cost analysis of experiments.
Data synchronized with SAP eliminates data integrity issues.