Global Pharma, Nutrition & Herbal Supplements Company

Domain : Pharma & Life Sciences

Geography(ies) : Asia Pacific, Africa, Australia, Europe, South America

Key Business Challenges

Inability to manage complex drug data & information.
No single source of truth.
Traceability of Dossiers & Dossier Revisions.
Cross-functional team conflicts due to lack of visibility.
Visibility into cashflow – revenue forecasts and costs.
Ad hoc management of multiple Pharma NPI and NPD management.

TouchBase Solution

Modules Implemented

New Product Idea Evaluation New Product Development Project Management Dossier Management
Quality Management Project Financials Issues Project Documentation Social Collaboration

Systems Integration

Legacy ERP

TouchBase Business Impact

TouchBase is the single source of truth for NPD, NPR and NPL.
Faster NPI to NPL cycle.
Compliance is 100% and accurate via TouchBase.
Accuracy and efficiency via templatized Dossier Management.
100% visibility about project bottlenecks has led to swift decision-making.
Product Registration timeline reduced due to country-specific templates.