Global Engineering Services Company

Domain : Engineering, Embedded, Software, Digital Technologies

Geography(ies) : India, US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Others.

Key Business Challenges

Disintegrated project management.
Revenue recognition & revenue leakage.
Document management.
Timesheet management.
Earned Value Management on Fixed Price projects.
Quality compliance and risk management.

TouchBase Solution

Modules Implemented

Project Management Proposal Management Project Financials Project Resources
Project Quality Project Risks & Issues Project Documentation Timesheets & Leaves
Knowledge Management Project Meetings Analytics

Systems Integration


TouchBase Business Impact

100% Digitized project management.
100% projects work within TouchBase.
100% timesheets compliance.
100% invoicing requests from TouchBase.
100% Effort Movement within TouchBase.
100% QMS audits (ISO 9001, AS9100 Rev C (Aerospace)) within TouchBase.