Why is Demand & Capacity Management critical to your enterprise?

March 10, 2022 by ProductDossier

Demand & capacity management is an important aspect of revenue generation, growth, and streamlined execution. Ensuring adequate demand as well as appropriate capacity to fulfil key client requirements, is a major area of focus for project managers worldwide. Having the right team to deliver consistently can be facilitated with the right resource capacity planning tool.

Another important reason why demand & capacity planning is key to enterprise success is the improvement in productivity. Through strategic planning and monitoring of resource output, managers can have greater control over resource performance. Key demand fluctuations and macro trends can be mapped when the right technology solutions are integrated.

Greater visibility into pipelines and resources

Enterprises with highly structured capacity and demand management practices, empower team leaders across their portfolio. There is greater visibility achieved into the demand pipeline, with extensive insights into skills areas, quantities, timelines, and alternative planning. The right resource management software can help streamline the domain further for businesses of all sizes.

Resource visibility and accountability is also improved, with high quality information made available through better management practices. Projects can be delivered with greater certainty and lesser risk when there is transparency within the resource management domain. Technology solutions also deliver greater visibility by integrating the opportunity to delivery project flow.

Enterprises can plan their pipeline better when demand and capacity management is fully optimized. They can focus on the right projects and prepare their resources to ensure optimal matching of requirements. Dynamic flow between resource teams can also be facilitated, especially as collaboration can be a significant challenge for larger projects.

Aligning resources to project goals

One of the main reasons why demand & capacity management optimization is critical is the overall benefit of complete alignment. This is streamlined through the integration of a robust resource management software that can empower managers through end-to-end tracking. From competencies to availability, all metrics can be tracked within the solution.

When resources are aligned to overall goals, their productivity can be improved. There is also a reduced risk of scheduling and budgeting overruns if resources are managed through better structuring. Milestones can be achieved as projected, with resources performing as designed during planning stages. With resources aligned to project outcomes, they can be better managed throughout the delivery lifecycle.

Improving resource output and utilization

Enterprises need a highly robust capacity and resource management system to understand their utilization, projected use, and optimal quantity. The productivity and output of resources can also be analysed across projects, to identify key gaps that can be improved. It also helps unite internal and external agents and resources to measure performance across the capacity base.

The utilization of resources can also be measured over time, which can be quantified across several KPIs. Requests for new resources, retraining, skills enhancement, and other critical business decisions can be made based on utilization reporting. Companies can also prioritize specific projects, if they have key resources that match requirements but aren’t fully utilized.

In conclusion

Demand & capacity management is one of the most important areas of enterprise project delivery, as it focuses on optimizing planning through meeting resource requirements accurately. The digitization of the domain is enabling companies to scale up seamlessly, while mapping their entire resource base for greater transparency and accountability.

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