Understanding the Root Causes of a Project Delay
September 25th , 2018

A lady was complaining of a pain in her elbow. She put up with the pain for weeks before she finally decided to go see a doctor. She walked into the doctor’s office and said “Doc,
10 Essential Project Management Software Features
September 12th , 2018

More and more project managers are getting involved with selecting project management software. This makes a lot of sense – after all, project managers are the people
Essentials of Leadership in Project Management
August 21st , 2018

Recently, I was part of a volunteer construction project. We were erecting a five thousand square foot building in just a matter of seven days. Hundreds of people were investing their time and resources in the project,
Accurately Estimating Your Project Plan
August 8th , 2018

On-the-job-mistakes can be expensive. Think about the expense that is incurred when a critical piece of functionality is left out of a project. It may be a requirement that was missed or a design flaw that was discovered later in the development cycle.
The role of customers in Project Planning
July 27th , 2018

A project will not be realized without the customers because projects are done for customers. Meeting customer needs as per scope is the primary objective of project planning.