Importance of Collaboration in Project Management
March 15th , 2019

Not long ago I found a recent study published by PMI, a project management learning company. The point of the study was to find out if organizations are successful in facilitating team collaboration.
How Workflow Management in PM Software amplify your team’s productivity?
March 8th , 2019

Workflow Management is a critical part to any successful business because it encompasses many of the key aspects of business success. Here, we will talk about the different ways that project management software can help you with workflow management.
Benefits of EPC Project Management Software
March 1st , 2019

EPC project management software exerts to handle and execute resources in a way how you design it. By using the PM tools, you can easily track each aspect of an epc project.
Project Management Myths and its Clarification
February 8th , 2019

Following my last blog, I would now focus on typical project management myths. Hope that following list of project myth’s will help you to battle the skeptics of project management:
Why EPC projects require engineering project management software with a mobility access?
February 1st , 2019

In my previous post titled, “A date with the project management of the yester years”, I had driven you all on an interesting journey down my close friend’s memory lane. His narrative builds enough curiosity