EPC Software Essentials for Project Management
November 13th , 2017

A construction project is much more than merely hammering nails and cutting boards. A large amount of work goes into juggling the many needs of a project. Key resources - material and labor must be managed carefully and utilization must be planned
10 Tips for easy and better Project Management
November 10th , 2017

With tough business environment demanding faster execution and turnaround, organizations are taking short-cuts for planning and monitoring the projects. While these might reduce planning time, they might introduce the elements which could increase project efforts and thereby the costs. Project plans could be simple but they need to be at an appropriate level of detail.
Project Management and At-home Workers
October 23rd , 2017

The trend toward more and more at-home worker challenges and creates demand for project managers who can adapt their PM skills to this unique environment. As organizations move workers home to reap the facility cost savings and gain the productivity and quality improvements
Project Management for Small Businesses
September 22nd , 2017

No matter, how much is the size of your organization. You should follow a better project management processes that can help you to increase the efficiency level of your project.
The Best Practices Trap
February 9th , 2017

One of the terms used very often by project management practitioners globally is ‘best practices.’ It may be surprising to note that project management itself was considered a best practice about a decade or two ago. Project Management has significantly matured since then. At the drop of a hat, professionals throw umpteen references to best practices into the ring right from pitching for a deal to winning and executing the same