Differentiation strategy for Professional services firms.
August 2nd , 2021

Differentiation strategy involves showcasing a significant difference between you and your competitors. Importantly, the difference must be of value to your prospective customers. Stronger the differentiator better would be your competitive advantage.
Notable Features of TouchBase - Project & Portfolio Management Software
July 29th , 2021

Organizations rely on top-notch Project & Portfolio Management Software (a.k.a. PPM Software) solutions to meticulously plan and flawlessly executed such levels of complex initiatives.
The ultimate guide to new product development software
July 21st , 2021

Innovation-driven New Product Development is the driver of any organization’s survival, growth, and sustenance. It is also an irony that most organizations have not been successful in new product development journey. They turn to NPD Software in haste.
How PSA software is the future of Professional Services Firms?
July 12th , 2021

Organizations must rework their go-to-market strategies and operating models, the role of automation via Online PSA Software appears to be pivotal.
Need of project management software in automotive OEM industry
July 5th , 2021

Project management in the automotive industry becomes complicated as organizations need critical moulds, tools, jigs, fixtures, etc. Automotive OEMs depend a lot on external vendors for moulds, tools, etc., for their NPD projects.