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Calibration requirements for companies

October 6th , 2011

Control of monitoring and measuring equipment (calibration) is a requirement of clause 7.6 of ISO 9001:2008. The calibration is relevant where the equipment is used to measure the quality of the product from receipt to final inspection. While most companies have implemented this clause of the standard for meeting their own calibration requirements, there are some companies who have their own labs and offer calibration as a service. TouchBase product of ProductDossier has a module which caters to the requirements of both types of requirements given above.

Requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard

? Calibration is to be done at specified intervals

? Measurement standards to be traceable to National or International measurements standards

? The equipment should have adequate identification to determine its calibration status

? It should be safeguarded from adjustments and protected from damage

Key features of the Touchbase module

? Equipment master which gives all details of the equipment

? History card for each equipment

? Calibration frequency based on criticality of operations

? Calibration schedule and reminders

? Compliance for traceability to National or International standards

? Generation of reports after calibration (for companies offering calibration services)

? Verifying and storage of received reports

? Dashboards for showing calibration status

Companies having ISO certification should see a demo of the TouchBase calibration plug-in module.