Proposal Management 

TouchBase from ProductDossier is a Proposal Management Software for project based organizations.
This helps sales/pre-sales/delivery teams to create winnable
proposals in an collaborative manner.

Why Proposal Management?

Organization growth is dependent upon new business generated both from the existing customer base and new customers.

This becomes more difficult in the project based organization where each customer may have varied and unique requirements.

In this scenario the ability of the organization to deliver winnable proposals with minimum lead times becomes critical. 

This is easier said than done and many organizations face the below challenges:

Proposal Management Pain Points


Accurate estimation of direct & indirect costs (resources, material, travel, miscellaneous, facility, overheads etc.)


Understand & document customer requirements and scope. Proposed revenue calculation based on competitive margin.


Assessing liabilities, payment terms, legal & other terms. Manually preparing professional looking proposals in word/pptx/pdf.


Seeking last minute approvals from senior management. Tracking multiple versions of proposals as a result of customer negotiations.

Proposal Management 
 TouchBase Solution

TouchBase automates the complete proposal process, provides technology platform for cost estimation & revenue calculation, digitizes full proposal content and generates professional looking proposals on a click of a button, bringing the lead times from weeks to days or hours.

The previously sent proposals can be searched and the proposal content or certain intelligence can be used for creating new proposals

The solution will ensure that the winnable proposals are created in a collaborative & timely manner and thus significantly improving win/loss ratio.

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