Ankur Shah

Executive Director - Corporate Strategy - Inventia Healthcare Private Limited

   I am happy to announce the Go Live of TouchBase implementation at Inventia Healthcare. The system has been implemented with a focus on automating our R&D project management processes across the enterprise. The new system will help us to keep our projects within time & budgets giving us control & visibility, quality & compliance (CFR 21) requirements. I also want to congratulate the ProductDossier team for implementing it within 10 weeks as per the plan including SAP integration. We evaluated several products around the globe and narrowed it down to TouchBase from ProductDossier. We were mainly looking for simple to use product, features to suit our specific requirements over & above standard features, capable of SAP integration, affordable cost and most importantly an excellent team for product implementation & support. We look forward to our continued association with Team ProductDossier   

Dr. Ajay A Prabhu

COO - QuEST Global Engineering

   With TouchBase, integrated with our Oracle ERP system, we have been successful in creating an end to end solution covering entire lifecycle of proposal development to project closure. Some of our key objectives of implementing IPMS were faster response time to our internal stakeholders & customers, improved quality of customer deliverables, adherence to quality & statutory compliances, improved productivity, better control, visibility & predictability in our processes. I want to thank & congratulate the team from ProductDossier for their commitment to our vision of integrated project management system & supporting that by their excellent customer support services. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with ProductDossier.   

Franck Euvrard

CEO - TACO Faurecia Design Centre

   TouchBase helped us create a single repository for all projects information, eliminate duplication & an increased transparency. This has resulted in greater employee's efficiency, productivity & improved speed/quality for the customer deliverables & thus better customer experience   

Mangesh kale

Owner - PARI Robotics

   PARI is a largest manufacturing automation maker in India. The execution model is atypical, where PARI has to develop standard products and modules, develop substantial project specific content, and engineer large projects using these dissimilar contents. Needless to say that that PARI has very unique needs for PARI's product data management, where the standard products have longer development cycles, deeper verification workflows, and infrequent changes, but where project specific content has extremely short development cycles, simpler workflow, and quite frequent changes. PARI trusted this challenging task to ProductDossier, as opposed to large multinationals competing for the job. We are very happy to state that ProductDossier understood our needs, and configured its product very quickly for our needs. Their approach combined the consulting as well as development aspects, and they worked very fast to accomplish the mission. With excellent spirit of partnership, ProductDossier and PARI also integrated the CAD content import in the TouchBase PDM. PARI is highly satisfied with the TouchBase PDM, and ProductDossier team, and PARI wishes that such experience continues in future. We are very impressed with the speed at which Product Dossier is adding modules to TouchBase PDM portfolio. We wish them all the best for their future journey in general, and with PARI.   

Pushkaraj Panse

COO - SEDEMAC Mechatronics

   TouchBase helped us create a single repository for all product information, eliminate duplication & an increased transparency. This has resulted in greater efficiency, productivity & reduction of errors. I will recommend TouchBase solution to people in various industries. This solves your “real” problems.