Agile Methodology in Project Management
July 15th , 2019

Ever wondered what’s all this fuss about Agile project management going around everywhere? Why organizations are using Agile Methodology in Project Management? Well, then keep reading to know about it
Importance of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
July 10th , 2019

Very early in the preparation and planning stage, it is essential that potential risks are identified, categorized and evaluated. There are many factors that make risk management important.
Portfolio management for IT Professional Service Automation
July 8th , 2019

Previously we discussed about how PM software is helpful in the field of IT Professional Services Automation. Let’s understand how Portfolio management is important and drives organisation towards success in IT Professional Service Automation
The PMO Challenge - The Politics of Metrics
July 3rd , 2019

Every company measures success in different ways. They use baseline-reporting, slippage and earned value, issue reporting, risk analysis and tracking. Project Managers and/or the PMO are accountable to establish the metrics they will track and report the progress of their project.
Solar Agile Project Management (How to make it work efficiently)
July 2nd , 2019

Businesses continue to change at a rapid pace. We are in the midst of a chaotic business environment. In order to deliver any project as well as a project manager, you need to have a methodology or a process in place.