Significance of Timesheet Management Software for your Organisation
September 27th , 2019

Timesheet Management Software has direct impact on profitability, on-time completion, it is linked with billing software, assigning resources activities with deadlines and monitoring them to completion.
Project Portfolio Management Process: Identifying Areas of Pain
September 24th , 2019

In this blog we will explore the origins of Project Portfolio Management and how it has come into its fore in recent years.
Benefits of Project Management Software - What Project Managers really use it for?
September 17th , 2019

People define project management differently, typically based upon their immediate needs. Also, they use project management software in different ways as per their requirements.
Project Portfolio Management Process
September 10th , 2019

Many organizations focus only on planning and execution of projects. However, from a project portfolio management point of view, the focus should be placed on the entire process and not on a single step.
Adventures in the Project Management Journey
September 5th , 2019

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the life cycle of a project, which typically begins with the initiation of a project and ends with a post implementation review. But, when I really think about it, I consider project life cycle story is missing (or lacks emphasis on) two vital pieces.