Embrace the New Normal with Online Project Management Tool
July 10th , 2020

During these questionable times, remote working has become the new normal and to remain productive an online project management tool has to turn into a necessity.
Why Remote Resource Management software is Important in this Pandemic Situation?
June 25th , 2020

At present managing remote resources is one of the most critical management activity undertaken by every manager. So using a resource management software has become an integral part of project management.
Business Continuity with a Cloud-Based Project Management Software
June 19th , 2020

Maintaining business continuity is important for all businesses as it helps the organization maintain its revenue streams and stay afloat even in the face of ongoing covid-19 pandemic situation.
Why New Product Development Software is Important in Pharmaceutical Industry?
June 8th , 2020

In this time of the “New Normal”, it is critical that pharmaceutical companies support this strong clinical need and it is more imperative than ever before to use the right tools for the development process.
How you can improve product time to market with Pharmaceutical NPD Software Solution ?
May 28th , 2020

In the pharmaceutical & life sciences industry, new drug launches face unprecedented competition. NPD software accelerates your TTM by providing a single source of truth for all queries.