Prevent Stillborn Projects Through a Solid Project Initiation Process Flow
December 24th , 2019

Project initiation is a critical first step towards ultimate project success. Let's understand the importance of initiation and what key elements need to be in place to prevent your projects being stillborn.
Significance of Effective Team Task Tracking Software
December 20th , 2019

Task tracking software can help in many ways, from allowing you to manage the task once they are assigned to being able to assign resources to certain tasks. Let's understand how team task tracking software can be effective.
Collaborative Project Planning: A new twist on an Old Standard
December 3rd , 2019

Effective project management is never conducted in a vacuum. Successful projects have always involved input from and coordination with a variety of stakeholders searching for win-win outcomes in a constantly changing environment.
Why Timesheets are Important?
November 29th , 2019

Understand key benefits of implementing timesheet management software in a professional service organisation and improve productivity by providing employees with a simple method to update activities and tasks.
Why Timesheet Automation is Required? - Part 2
November 25th , 2019

In the previous blog we discussed some key indicators that current system or lack of a system is costing your organization. Let’s now understand how automating timesheet management system is beneficial for your organisation.