Why Timesheets are Important?
November 29th , 2019

Understand key benefits of implementing timesheet management software in a professional service organisation and improve productivity by providing employees with a simple method to update activities and tasks.
Why Timesheet Automation is Required? - Part 2
November 25th , 2019

In the previous blog we discussed some key indicators that current system or lack of a system is costing your organization. Let’s now understand how automating timesheet management system is beneficial for your organisation.
Why Timesheet Automation is Essential? - Part 1
November 22nd , 2019

When considering a timesheet automation an organization should first determine what are the benefits it might bring to your organisation. One of the easiest and most common places to look for these benefits is in existing costs of not having such a system now.
Project Management Approach
November 19th , 2019

Most projects fail, because the Project Manager either cannot or does not execute effectively. Understand how a practical project management approach is necessary for executing or delivering projects efficiently.
What are you losing by using Excel to Manage Processes?
November 12th , 2019

Attempting to manage portfolios using spreadsheets provides a great way of acting upon initially, but it quickly becomes difficult to manage as organizations try to establish effective Project Portfolio Management (PPM) processes.