Is project management ‘just’ about triple constraints?
February 5th , 2018

For time immemorial, project management meant the ability to manage scope, time, and cost. Globally, books and discussions highlighted the so-called ‘triple constraint triangle’ as project management.
End your project inventory management struggles right now!
January 30th , 2018

Today’s project management discussions across various industry forums, conferences, and discussions on project management are pivoted around technology, consulting, and services types of projects.
Project Management Office Success Factors
January 25th , 2018

Project management maturity is a journey – observed to be true whether you are a big or medium or small enterprise irrespective of whether you are in engineering, manufacturing, construction, technology, healthcare, public utility or any other industry.
Get Project Management for Solar Projects Right!
January 22nd , 2018

This decade has seen a significant rise in the adoption of renewable energy. The opportunities in solar have significantly increased. Alongside, the technological advancement has made the generation of solar power accessible and affordable than it was earlier.
Taking EPC Project Management to Construction Site Professionals
January 18th , 2018

In my previous blog, I shared my views about how organizations could enable the adoption of EPC Project Management through a compelling mechanism of “templatization.” Yes, templatization does offer significant benefits in your organizational project management maturity journey.