Does Your Organization Suffer From Data Paralysis?
October 4th , 2017

Making an effective decision for business growth always depends upon the accurate historical or researched data available on time. But it should collect on the basis of a right questionnaire in categorical wise.
Project Management for Small Businesses
September 22nd , 2017

No matter, how much is the size of your organization. You should follow a better project management processes that can help you to increase the efficiency level of your project.
The Best Practices Trap
February 9th , 2017

One of the terms used very often by project management practitioners globally is ‘best practices.’ It may be surprising to note that project management itself was considered a best practice about a decade or two ago. Project Management has significantly matured since then. At the drop of a hat, professionals throw umpteen references to best practices into the ring right from pitching for a deal to winning and executing the same
Troubled Projects: Understanding and Recovering
January 11th , 2017

A project manager is working on a project to develop a product/service in the retail domain. Two of its company’s competitors are also competing to get the product/service out on the market as soon as possible. Clearly, the first entrant would have a significant advantage.
Looking for Great Project Managers? Stop searching for them on Mars or Venus!
January 3rd , 2017

Globally, organizations are moving towards a projected way to manage initiatives. These strategic initiatives broadly fall into three categories.