Challenges In Enterprise Risk Management
July 26th , 2012

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is as an enterprise-wide, integrated (holistic) approach to corporate management.
Myths about BPM
July 20th , 2012

Here are some myths related with BPM
Importance of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
July 13th , 2012

Very early in the preparation and planning stage, it is essential that potential risks are identified, categorized and evaluated.
Why Project Management is Important
July 6th , 2012

Any mission which requires a concerted effort by team members or colleagues in an organization can be termed as ‘project’; and every project needs collaboration and management.
Clause 8 of ISO 9001:2008
November 6th , 2011

Clause 8 of ISO 9001 covers customer satisfaction surveys, internal audits, non-conforming product, analysis of data, continual improvements and corrective and preventive actions.