Stop the Project Communications Breakdown NOW!
February 28th , 2018

ProductDossier’s TouchBase makes it easy for companies to manage their critical aspect of project communication across teams and organizational hierarchy.
Transform the way you manage your Customer Revenue Projects!
February 26th , 2018

Achieve sustained business excellence and automate complete Quote to Cash process with TouchBase. It enables your organization to optimize resource utilization & increase the revenue of projects.
Challenges in Project Proposal Management
February 21st , 2018

Irrespective of the industry and the size of your enterprise, I am sure you are always on the lookout for adding more customers to your clientele. Why not? More the merrier!
Turbo Charge Your New Product Development
February 15th , 2018

The rise of the world wide web along with advancements in the various fields of technology has opened the doors to faster innovation cycles. It has also proved to be a challenging environment for new product development in recent history
Do you want to avoid the Project Portfolio Management Trap?
February 8th , 2018

I am sure your organization has had its share of failed projects. The reasons for project failure could be many. Some of the project failures may include any or all the following factors.