Looking for Great Project Managers? Stop searching for them on Mars or Venus!
January 3rd , 2017

Globally, organizations are moving towards a projected way to manage initiatives. These strategic initiatives broadly fall into three categories.
Is your Project Healthy?
December 26th , 2016

Today it is vital that projects need to be monitored for all key Health Parameters like Schedule Overrun, Cost Overrun , Risks, Quality parameters etc. using correct Project Management Methodologies.
Managing Innovation Projects? But are you managing from Idea to Launch?
December 13th , 2016

In a world that is engulfed by technology, it is easy to dismiss these numbers with an air of disdain. To a large extent, as we go further into the technological realms, these figures lose their intrinsic value.
Poka-Yoke Your Project Schedule
November 29th , 2016

One of the most important projects management documents organizations prepare is the Project Schedule. Depending on the size, duration, and complexity of the project, the schedules could run from a hundred to few hundreds and even over a thousand line items with start dates, end dates, duration, etc.
Hard Earned Revenue, But Where Is It?
November 21st , 2016

As a leader, you manage multiple projects and programs as part of the organizational strategy execution framework. These projects/programs may be local, regional, or even global. If you are part of a large organization,