How to Manage a Client That Causes Project Delay
June 15th , 2016

It’s easy to jump all over your project team if they are running behind schedule. But, what do you do when the delay is caused by a client? Clients are not quite as forgiving, so need to be managed differently. Learn what you can do to manage a delay caused by a client and still maintain a positive working relationship with them. The bindery in a commercial print shop is a pretty neat place to see in operation. Long conveyor belts and automated machinery is chugging along overhead. Paper is fly
Sales and Marketing
Getting to Know Your Customers
June 8th , 2016

How well do you really know your customers? Is your company product-focused or customer-focused? All companies have products or services to sell of course; that is the point of being in business. But if your business is organized around your products or services instead of around your customers’ needs and wants, you are missing the difference between “customer value” (how much each customer is worth) and “customized value” (creating and delivering a valuable solution to each customer or customer
Project Management Software Components and Focus
May 17th , 2016

Not surprisingly, project management software seeks to help manage projects, particularly large and complex projects. The software comes in different flavors from small programs intended for use in managing personal and home projects to elaborate Web-based multi-user systems intended to help manage projects of a global scale.
Everything You Need to Know about Project Management Software
March 3rd , 2016

A project management software is a great tool for all the people who are either involved in the implementation of a project or planning. This is why; you will find all the project managers and the CEO along with the managing board are always concerned with the projections from the project management software in order to make any critical decisions about their investment in the project. A project management software is combination different applications related to different aspects of a project a
Six Reasons Enterprise Project Management Solutions are more in demand nowadays
February 10th , 2016

In traditional project management world, a project manager was only responsible for scheduling. The software had a limited functionality of Gantt charts and resource management. In today’s world a project manager is no less than the CEO and should have the responsibility to manage all the aspects of the project from scheduling, resources, documents, financials, to customer satisfaction. The project manager should be given the necessary tools to make it happen and that’s the new world.