Make EPC Project Management Adoption Easy For Your Organization
January 8th , 2018

As a discipline, project management has evolved significantly over the last couple of decades, thanks to the standards, methodologies, research, case studies, best practices, and software solutions. Organizations have invested in improving systems, processes, and tools for enabling project management.
Still stuck in a maze of project meetings?
January 4th , 2018

In today’s professional world, is it possible to imagine a day at work without a meeting? If you are a project manager, could you visualize a day without meetings? Most probably, the answer, in either case, would be a ‘no’!
The harsh reality of PPM Governance!
December 26th , 2017

Project and Program Management is about executing initiatives flawlessly. Governance is about ensuring that the right projects and programs are delivered right. Depending on the organizational maturity, one would expect structures, processes, and tools in place to manage projects, programs, and portfolios.
Project Revenue & Cost Management Made Easy For Project Managers
December 19th , 2017

Imagine a project that your enterprise is executing for an external customer. The contract has a combination of payment terms with some deliverables being fixed price, some being time & material. On top of it, projects have specific milestones that trigger these payments from the customer.
Of Life Cycles, Project Methodologies, and PPM Software Solutions
December 12th , 2017

The professional world of project, program, and portfolio management has seen unprecedented changes in a matter of two decades. Not every move has been excellent! Of course, the corporate world has (hopefully) learned its lessons too.