Reasons Why Projects Fail
August 19th , 2019

Most of the time problem people face while getting any task done are common and correctable, once identified. Still some are hidden and may take some coaxing to identify them.
Are You Big Enough for Project Portfolio Management Software?
August 14th , 2019

There is a perception that PPM tools are cumbersome unless you are prepared to adapt your business model to their software. These perceptions are simply incorrect and organizations that believe them are losing out on a valuable opportunity.
Global Project Management - The World is Contracting, Projects Are Not
August 9th , 2019

In the 21st century, the modus operandi of work has been completely transformed. Where we work, when we work, how we handle data, and how we communicate with each other have all undergone a total revolution.
How Project Management Skills can help the Procrastinator
August 6th , 2019

One of the wonderful things about the Project Management profession is that our central skill set includes best ways of dealing with procrastination breaking daunting tasks down into manageable pieces.
Project Management Discipline
August 2nd , 2019

Solving business problems and improving business performance requires proper project management skills. However, having effective project management skills alone won’t guarantee success.