Project Scheduling in Project Management Software
June 25th , 2018

Project Scheduling is a key feature in any good project management software. This ensures operational planning, personnel and organizational resource allocation and even governance management.
Planning Tools for Project Management
June 19th , 2018

Project Management involves a complete documentation and understanding of various aspects of the business like functional requirements, Hardware/networking requirement
EPC Material Quantity and Cost Estimation – Importance in Sales and Execution cycle
June 11th , 2018

There are many challenges in the EPC industry. It can be broadly categorized like Generating Sales and Executing the Order.
Task Management Software – The Difference between Average and Successful People
June 6th , 2018

Task management can be a challenge; it is essential to cultivate effective task management tools. Fortunately, there are a variety of software tools and management tips that can help individuals or project management teams.
It’s time for better Timesheet Management
April 17th , 2018

If there is one word in project management that kicks up a range of emotions by different professionals, it has to be “Timesheets!”