A date with the project management software of the yester years
January 25th , 2019

A few days back I was just having casual discussions with a family friend of ours. The topics of discussion were ranging from our kids, their studies, their involvement in extra-curricular activities and then gradually drifted to our work
Project – A simple word but with much significance (part 2)
January 18th , 2019

While I had promised to catch up with you soon, I became a little self centred. I was indeed waiting for my niece’s project grades to be declared. (please refer to my earlier blog) Well, truly speaking she fared much better than her own and my expectations. Not only that, she also received appreciation from her project guide.
Project – A simple word but with much significance
January 11th , 2019

This may have been a coincidence (or maybe not). On this particular day in the morning, my niece who is pursuing her UG Engineering shared with me that she needs some assistance as her college project deadlines are arriving close.
How to Effectively Measure Project Progress?
December 18th , 2018

Knowing exactly where you are on the path of a project is hard to measure for a number of reasons. Software planning tools can help simplify the measurement process somewhat, but, you still have to know that measuring project progress is difficult.
Running a Project: Project Management Plan?
December 7th , 2018

Did you know that there are people in your company right now that are ordering up their next project…?