10 Essential Project Management Software Features
September 12th , 2018

More and more project managers are getting involved with selecting project management software. This makes a lot of sense – after all, project managers are the people
Essentials of Leadership in Project Management
August 21st , 2018

Recently, I was part of a volunteer construction project. We were erecting a five thousand square foot building in just a matter of seven days. Hundreds of people were investing their time and resources in the project,
Accurately Estimating Your Project Plan
August 8th , 2018

On-the-job-mistakes can be expensive. Think about the expense that is incurred when a critical piece of functionality is left out of a project. It may be a requirement that was missed or a design flaw that was discovered later in the development cycle.
The role of customers in Project Planning
July 27th , 2018

A project will not be realized without the customers because projects are done for customers. Meeting customer needs as per scope is the primary objective of project planning.
Project Scheduling in Project Management Software
June 25th , 2018

Project Scheduling is a key feature in any good project management software. This ensures operational planning, personnel and organizational resource allocation and even governance management.