Project Management – The Biggest Problem
August 10th , 2016

After almost 1000s of answers by more than 400 project managers from around the world, the conclusion “answer” — the biggest problem project management is facing, is that seemingly no one can agree on what project management is.
PMOs - Challenges and Solutions
August 2nd , 2016

Let’s look at some of the pressing problems and challenges that PMOs face, and what they can do about it.
Determining the Total Cost of Ownership of Project Management Software
July 25th , 2016

Do your research first. When you look to buy project planning software don’t make the mistake I made with my first car and make a purchasing decision without first understanding the total cost of ownership. The purchase price of the planning software is a good place to start as a means of comparing your options however it is only one of several factors you should take into account to determine the total cost of ownership of the software.
Project Management Software Components and Focus
May 17th , 2016

Not surprisingly, project management software seeks to help manage projects, particularly large and complex projects. The software comes in different flavors from small programs intended for use in managing personal and home projects to elaborate Web-based multi-user systems intended to help manage projects of a global scale.
Everything You Need to Know about Project Management Software
March 3rd , 2016

A project management software is a great tool for all the people who are either involved in the implementation of a project or planning. This is why; you will find all the project managers and the CEO along with the managing board are always concerned with the projections from the project management software in order to make any critical decisions about their investment in the project. A project management software is combination different applications related to different aspects of a project a