Project Management - Communication (Part 2 )
September 20th , 2016

In my last post (Project Management - Communication) I went over what a Stakeholder is and identified the three different types of stakeholders. Now let’s take a deeper look at Stakeholders who are your Managers and Owners. As I mentioned before it is very important to get this group working with you, not against you! Find out what your Managers and Owners want to know and how they want to receive this information…
Project Management - Communication
September 13th , 2016

Communication to Stakeholders is one of the most important pieces to managing the project puzzle. Get this right and you have just passed a major hurdle!
Project Kick-off and Mobilization phase
September 7th , 2016

Project kick-off is one of the most important event in the project course. However very frequently underestimated and even more not organised.. Project kick-off is the real start of the project. Everything before is just preparation and warm up. Project kick-off should be recognized as the real start of the project execution. That’s when the timer starts off and counting.
Project Management Approach and Scope Creep
August 29th , 2016

I came across some discussions what should be proper Project Management Approach. Whether the Project Management should be focused on managing people, the team, without need to understand the project content. Another approach is to understand the project content and participate on even lead the project content creation.
Why is project audit fruitful?
August 22nd , 2016

Project audit is something somebody is doing, somebody loves, somebody hates. Project audit, basically speaking, is activity to review project status, vitality, probability to deliver. It’s the informal part. Or it could be focused on more formal attributes like how project is following standards, doing all necessary activities, how complete and accurate project documentation is, etc.