Does Your Organization Suffer From Data Paralysis?
October 4th , 2017

Making an effective decision for business growth always depends upon the accurate historical or researched data available on time. But it should collect on the basis of a right questionnaire in categorical wise.
Managing Innovation Projects? But are you managing from Idea to Launch?
December 13th , 2016

In a world that is engulfed by technology, it is easy to dismiss these numbers with an air of disdain. To a large extent, as we go further into the technological realms, these figures lose their intrinsic value.
Getting into the IoT Bandwagon? Do you have answers to these two questions?
October 13th , 2016

During the first week of October 2016, NASSCOM held one of its premier summits on Design & Engineering in Bangalore. Amongst others, the key focus was Internet of Things or IoT for short.