Decisions, Decisions, and More Decisions. But what about “THIS”?
November 7th , 2016

Can you imagine your day at work when you have not made a single decision? I guess, it would be practically impossible to find such a day in your official calendar!
Project Management - Communication
September 13th , 2016

Communication to Stakeholders is one of the most important pieces to managing the project puzzle. Get this right and you have just passed a major hurdle!
Before You Start a Project
August 16th , 2016

There are several things to consider before you start a project, especially if you're relatively new to the company. It's important to put project management in its proper context, because without a frame of reference to start with, you can easily get lost.
7 Tricks for Managing Your Time
July 15th , 2016

I am not someone to leave things to the last minute but I have lost count of the amount of times that by the end of the week I still haven’t made it through my task list. It’s not that I procrastinate (much!) but it’s hard to get everything done. The main problem I have is that I plan my time fully and then when extra tasks come along it’s impossible to fit it all in. I still try, though!
Learning Collaboration Skills
June 27th , 2016

Everyone agrees it takes work to be part of a team. All the drills, coaching, practices, training, playing experiences that go into making a winning team are hard work. And when the team is pulling together, awesome things happen. Collaboration is teamwork, too. And like teamwork, collaboration gets better with training, practice, coaching, and playing time.