Project Return

Clause 7 of ISO 9001:2008

November 2nd , 2011

Clause 7 of the ISO 9001 standard is an important clause as it covers contract review, design and development activity, installation, commissioning, calibration and release of the product. Purchase activity and managing of non-conformities are also a part of this clause.

Touchbase product manages the design clause very well. "Design" is an activity where many companies have non-compliance issues as they cannot manage to keep all the design documentation due to a paucity of time and non-availability of client / internal approvals. Touchbase allows companies to populate all the design documentation when the project is initiated and mandate some documents to be filled as part of the workflow. The design cannot proceed to the next step until the mandatory documents are filled in. This helps in meeting compliance requirements at the time of the audits and also ensuring delivery of a quality product. The project schedules can be filled in like MS project and monitored/ tracked with the timesheet feature of the product. All the design documentation is well managed as part of the documentation management system of Touchbase. Project Management module of the product is very robust.

In addition, there is a purchase module to take care of the end to end purchase activity, store inventory management and supplier management. Calibration has not been covered as there is a separate write up on calibration.