Project Return

Integrated Project, Process & Product Lifecycle Management

April 14th , 2011

As marketers at ProductDossier, we always try & make thing simple & logical. Today our concept of 3PLM (Project, Process & Product Lifecycle Management) is quite well accepted & appreciated. And why not? It makes perfect sense. At the heart of everything is Product. You may build your own product or provide a component or service to help your customer build the final product. So in either of the case, you will initiate a concept of project or program. Now during the execution of the project, there will be multiple processes which will come into action to make the execution successful. So today all of us really need an integrated IT solution for Project, Process & Product. In the end, it's the product data which is required until its obsolescence & Project/Process data may need to be kept more for compliance & regulatory purpose. Customers when asking for Project Management really need everything shown in the picture. It’s just that sometimes they are not able to articulate their needs so clearly but this is what creates opportunities for us to innovate in communication. Cheers!