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While the journey & the learning continues, today TouchBase is the leading enterprise software providing technology solutions for Quote to CASH, Idea to LAUNCH and Request to COMPLETION Processes.

ProductDossier History

ProductDossier was founded in December, 2005 in the city of Pune, western part of India. Three key factors which led to this were:
1. Solve real life problem with technology as the enabler.
2. Large Global Opportunity in the enterprise software solution space.
3. The founding team simply chose entrepreneurship as their next full time job.

ProductDossier market research team categorized the enterprise space into three distinct spaces as ERP, CRM and the white spaces between CRM and ERP. While CRM and ERP were becoming more commoditized, the in-between space was not clearly articulated and had no single nomenclature or definition. The solution, if any, were fragmented and had piecemeal, home grown sort of approach. While this in-between space sounded like a great opportunity, it also had its challenges. ProductDossier after some quick SWOT started their journey with a dream to become the global leader in this yet-to-be-christened space between CRM and ERP. ProductDossier made their first release of its product, TouchBase, in the year 2007. The software found its early adopters. Since then there have been more product releases & new customers.

TouchBase is an integrated software platform having 25+ software modules like Project Management, Project Financials, EDM, Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Enterprise Integrations, Enterprise Mobility, Social Collaboration & others (Refer to TouchBase by Software for complete list). TouchBase completely automates industry recognized processes like Quote to CASH, Idea to LAUNCH and Request to COMPLETION across different industry segments.

It has been a great journey so far with lots of learning. Team ProductDossier has been consistently taking out actionable items out of these learning and putting it back to achieve higher customer value realization, sharper product positioning, compelling product portfolio, quicker customer deployments & responsive customer support. All this has led to creating higher value for ProductDossier shareholders.

ProductDossier quest for Excellence

ProductDossier since its inception has been constantly evolving and responding to changes in a positive and agile manner. There are several aspects like Vision & Mission, Products & Services, Target Markets, Business Model, Company Culture, Team & HR policies, ESOPs, Competition, Governance & the list can go on. ProductDossier has one simple rule applied everywhere. Whatever we do is bench marked against the very best out there. We may not be able to do or achieve everything at that point of time but we continue to strive towards that and then do little more to create new benchmarks. This is how we wish to attain leadership in every aspects of the organization. We focus on bringing a fresh perspective in everything we do. Be it the product capabilities, solution conceptualization or even a HR policy. This helps us to adopt the good parts from the existing and then make it better with some innovative thinking from our team and makes it a lot more fun working at ProductDossier.

Founded 2006
Industry Experience
Simplicity, Logical & Out of the box Thinking
Culture of Innovation
Highly Passionate & Competent Team
Listen to Customers & Act Swiftly

News and Events

Automation Expo 2017

03 Aug 2017:
ProductDossier participates in the Automation Expo 2017, Mumbai from 9th August to 12th August.

Project management community poll

01 Dec 2016:
Project Management Community Survey conducted by ProductDossier on November 17-19 2016

ProductDossier Participates in InnovEX ASIA 2016

22 Nov 2016:
ProductDossier Participates in InnovEX ASIA 2016 at Crown Plaza, Bengaluru on November 24-25

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